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Why does my dog shed?

Usually dogs sheds seasonally twice a year. However, excessive dog hair loss can also mean other things, such as an illness or improper nutrition. If your dog lives outside, it may be, that you did not notice, but if the dog lives in room - that can�t be overlooked.

If this is a seasonal moult, you must to wait until it ends. Dogs, which live outside, the most active moult coat in the spring, dogs, which live in room active moult coat during the cold. However, there are dog breeds that are more or less fur throws all year.

Let's talk not about the seasonal moult. What are the causes of fur loss?

Very often it is due to poor nutrition. If your dog gets poor quality food, or worse yet, home-made, in other words, people food, abundant coat fall and coat appearance will be poor. Also, do not overdo it and give the dog too much vitamins as their abundance also affect the coat.

Another moulting reason can be parasites. Some dogs are very sensitive to fleas or mites bites. Dog starts to scratch incessantly, then emergent wound in coat, fur starts to fall. In this case, helps special antiparasitic collars, sprays, drops.

Also your dog can moult for more serious health problems, such as due to hormonal abnormalities, enlarged pancreas, and so on. Then you must go to the vet for treatment.

Frequent moult reason are dog allergies. Dogs can be allergic to food, toys, bedding, and so on. Allergies cause could be anything, so allergy tests required to identify the object.Also, the dog may not be suitable for shampoo.

How to solve this problem? You first have to determine the cause of moulting. If the reason for food - you must replace it with a good, quality food. You can also buy a shampoo that to get better coat . Also do not forget to comb the dog. Also for coat helps vitamin B, but it is important to avoid overdosing. Often for dogs helps salmon oil. If you are unable to determine the cause of the abundant moulting, you must contact with veterinarian.

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