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Why do dogs roll in smelly things?

Probably everyone saw the dog, who is wallowing in what emits a bad smell. People it looks it as a bad behavior, but for dogs it is a natural process for which the dog can not be penalized.

Dog behavior specialists have several interpretations. There is no clear answer, but there are a lot of interesting options. It has been observed that it is doing and wolves.

Researchers studying wolves behavior initially believed that the beast does so in order to hide his breath smelt and booty not smelt at the approaching wolf.

There are two other such behavior explanations. Well, at least for wolves. First, the wolf wants to tell their gang that he caught prey, so wolves rolling in carrion. The second explanation is that the wolf is doing in order to mark the carrion, and declared it as their property. Neither version is not entirely accurate.

Another version is that what people smelly, dogs opposite - well smell. After all, people smells their perfume, and dogs choose own perfume.

Odour masking and satisfaction versions should be acceptable to those people who have seen the dog's expression when he rolling where there was an unpleasant odor. People terms, it was a complete, pure expression of satisfaction.

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