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Smartest dogs list in the world

1. Border Collie. In the highest position in the list is this dog because he lives to work. The dog must do something good that he would feel happy. This dog has been used for livestock grazing, and nowadays he want a lot of to physically move. This breed is known for their obedience, speed and agility. The new command he learns incredibly fast. This dog is perfect for dog sports.

2.Poodle. Many people are surprised, but the poodle is the second in the list. Their appearance is deceptive, but they really are very smart dogs. Poodles are used as hunting dogs as well as watch and rescue dogs. The Poodle is also used as a water dog. Poodles love to be around people, learning new things. Poodles are dedicated and guardians.

3.German Shepherd. These dog's mind is used to help people. German Shepherds can do what people do not, for example finding drugs. These dogs are working in the police, as well as with the military. They are also great protection. Beyond the fact that these dogs are useful in people's lives, and they are very friendly and devoted to their family. They are easy to train and teach innumerable teams. For his master's German Shepherd can do anything.

4.Golden Retriever. These dogs are intelligent and very patient, and quickly learn new commands. They are great for hunting waterfowl and bring has hunted the bird to his master. They are also great pathfinder can search for drugs. Golden retrievers are suitable for dog sports. Moreover, they are great family friends and well agree with everyone.

5.Doberman Pinscher. This is one smart dog, which in the past have been trained to work in the police and to be guardians. Although these dogs can be trained to be violent and aggressive, but mostly they are docile and gentle. Of course, they need to appropriate training. With this breed of dog, you can be sure that you will be protected.

6.Shetland Sheepdog. Although this dog is not very popular, but he is very smart. This dog has been used for livestock grazing . Since these dogs can be big and small, some of which were used to drive out insects and small animals out of gardens. It's very astute and clever dog, perfect harmony with all human beings. These dogs are well aware of the people and listens to them.

7.Labrador Retriever. This is not only one of the most popular breeds in the world, but also one of the smartest. The breed was trained to hunt waterfowls. Now these dogs in police work and is used to search for bombs and drugs. Dogs, which is able to do this, certainly are intelligent. Many of these dogs can be trained to help the disabled. Also this dog is very friendly, loving and obedient.

8.Papillon. This breed is proof that small and cute puppy can be very smart. These dogs have always been symbols of elegance. They are well trained and eager to work. These dogs often live in nursing homes as therapy dogs. They are obedient and very friendly.

9.Rottweiler. Often due to inadequate training and human behavior with them, they are aggressive, but it does not mean that they are not intelligent. Sometimes these dogs are working in the police, because they have strong jaw and deep bites. In ancient times they were used to carry heavy items. If you are looking for a dog to protect you or your property, this dog will for you.

10. Australian Cattle Dog. These herding dogs are known for their high intelligence. They are not only perfectly working service dogs, but also a great family friends. They want to please their masters, so quickly learn new commands. They are also good guard dog. These dogs are affectionate and playful, but never lose their working instinct.

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