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Dog tail cropping is a surgical procedure in which people want to make for aesthetic or functional reasons. This procedure is usually done when the dog is still very young, usually up to one month of age. However, in some countries it has become forbidden. There are some dog breeds which are born with naturally short tail, or even without tail. Breeders try to transmit this gene to other, future generations of dogs.

1.French bulldogs and English bulldogs are born with naturally short tails. The dog's tail ranges from 1 inch in length and there may be dogs who do not have tail. English bulldogs with a strong jaw, thick neck and small ears were bred in order to keep get in the way of their bull baiting. French Bulldog was bred as a smaller version English bulldog. It is a very friendly, good character dogs, which love to be with people.

2.Braque du Bourbonnais or French pointer. These dogs also are born with naturally short, straight tail or no tail. At one time these dogs were on the brink of extinction. These dogs have good temperaments and they can live as a family dog, but rather are intended for hunting. These dogs love a big physical exercise. When this dog hunting, he is quiet and shows where a hunter has to shoot.

3.Australian shepherd. A dog's breed name has nothing to do with Australia. These dogs come from the U.S.. Sometimes these dogs are born with naturally short tail (up to 4 inches) or without tail. They were bred to grazed sheep, but they have a lot of good working properties. Australian Shepherds are versatile dogs - they're not just great service dogs, but also great family dogs. They are great with children, they are easy to train, willing to please and are a great watch dogs.

4.Welsh Corgi. These dogs are born with naturally short tail or without tail. They was bred as herding and farm dogs. Breeders have bred these dogs with short tails because the cows and other animals do not climb on their tails, because they are small dogs. Corgi tail length of a variety of history constantly changing. The maximum length of a dog's tail is two inches. This is intelligent, watchful dogs. Mostly they are good with children but are wary with strangers. Males can be aggressive with other males. In homes these dogs are very active.

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