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Stains on dog fur comes in various shapes and sizes. Stains can be on face, then they are usually called freckles. Also spots can be applied to the whole body.

Small breeds of dogs that have spots on the coat is usually these varieties - Chihuahua, Papillon, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Medium breed dogs that have spots on the coat is usually these varieties - English Cocker Spaniels, Jack Russell Terriers, Welsh Springers.

Large breed dogs that have spots on the fur, usually these breeds - Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, German pointers.

One of the most popular dogs which have spots on body is Dalmatians. This breed of dog spots are bright and defined. About these dogs I will talk.

Dalmatians is a very old breed. The first of this breed traces found in Egypt. Some argue that these dogs come from Croatia. In ancient times, these dogs were used for hunting, dalmatians showed direction to the horse, was used in various jobs, helped the fires, wars, were also as protection dogs.

These dogs are distinguished by their dotted body. On a white coat comes in black or brown spots. A dog's body is the strong, muscular. Their fur is thick and short. These dogs have brown or blue eyes. Ears of medium size. Dalmatians are born white, and the spots appear as they get older.

These dogs have very positive characters. They are friendly and love to socialize. Very rarely occur that dalmatians be aggressive or turbulence. Of course, they are like any other dog obedience training is necessary. They are very affectionate and loyal dogs. He likes to interact with people to play and fool around. These dogs have an excellent memory, and remember even the oldest of bad experiences. It is very hardy and active dogs, so the host can be screwed to tire the dog.

Dalmatians offsprings size is often very abundant, even up to 15 pups. Possible deafness affects over 10 percent of dog deaths. Therefore, each puppy at the age of about six weeks of age should be tested by vets. Deaf puppies are very difficult to training, they often become timid, nervous. Dalmatians are prone to bladder and kidney problems, and should not be left alone in their long-closed room as the need to urinate can further enhance the problem. Dalmatian lives on average, ten to fourteen years.

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