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In ancient times people were cropping ears for dogs, mainly due to the fact that may disturbe for dogs who are fighting or hunting. Some people were cropping fight dog's ears, because injured ears were bleeding a lot. Other people let the ears natural, then enemy bite for them and not to legs or shoulders. Over the past 100 years ears were starting to cropp mainly for cosmetics reasons – that are requesting by breed standard. Often people who are cropping dog's ears maintains that it is doing for health reasons, for example, dogs with short ears have less chances to get ears infection.

Dog's ears cropping in some states is illegal, therefor are threatening large penalties. In some places are forbidden to grow dogs whose ears are cropped. Veterinarians who are doing this procedure in countries where it is illegal can lose their licences.

Currently, ears are cropping often for the Dobermans, Great Danes, Boxers, Staffordshire Terriers, Miniature Pinschers, Central Asian Shepherds, Cane Corso and other dogs.

There is a discussion, is it not just people whim? Considering all the pros and cons it seems likely that dogs ears cropped are often for aesthetical reasons, that is to say because for people it is more beautiful. More rarely ears are cropping for health or the usage of the work. In the past dogs were bred not for beauty, but for hard working. These days people have created ideal each dog breed look and anyhow trying to realize it.

Many people are maintaining that the dogs do not feel pain but no one can not to prove it. Ears are cropping approximately from seven to twelve weeks age. Sometimes happens that operation must be repeated because the ears do not recover to the right position. In fact, the ears cropping means that was removed the protective barrier, which protects the ear from dust or rain. There are dogs who are in horror of rain, because it is fall directly into their ears. Other dogs are in horror when people are touching their ears. There are even cases when dogs suffer pain due to ears cropping from the cradle to the grave called 'ghostly pain' which can strongly adjust the dog's behavior and cause behavioral problems.

If ears cropping for dogs is not necessary due to the health problems which the veterinarian diagnoses, or for working, crop the ears of dogs really shouldn't be, because it is a dog mutilation. Great is that are growing number of countries, where is forbidden to cropp dogs ears. Also more and more people are seeking welfare for pets as opposed to created ideal appearance of pets.

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