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Most often large dogs have been bred for the work - hunting larger animals, to pull heavy objects, to be menacing guardian. Nowadays, these dogs are often kept as family friends or guards, but they did not lose their size and they look tremendous. Here the list of six dogs that weigh most.

1.Anatolian Shepherd. These dogs weight about 29-36 inches and weigh up to 150 pounds. Females weigh much less and can weigh 90 pounds. They have a dense and thick coat, which is cream-colored with brown spots. These dogs are very popular in Turkey. In this country, they often protect flock of sheep from predators - wolves, cheetahs and the like. They are very tough, strong, because they have thick coat they can survive severe cold. On average, these dogs live 12-15 years, it's enough to large breed dog. Typically, these will not be aggressive, they are highly intelligent, courageous and obedient dogs.

2.Saint Bernard. It's a well known dog from the movie "Beethoven". The dogs height is about 27-35 inches, and the weight can reach 260 pounds. Females usually weigh less and their weight starts from 140 pounds. These dogs have a thick coat that is reddish brown and white in color and they have black stains on the face. They were bred as mountain dogs who save people from avalanches. On average, these dogs live for about 8 years. These dogs does not use their size aggression and anger, he is very gentle. They are clumsy and often behave recklessly with the children, but they do not want to do anything wrong for children.

3.English Mastiff. This is one of the most well-known large breed dogs. Their height is about 27-30 inches. Females weigh about 120-200 pounds, and males weigh about 150-250 pounds. Previously, they were allowed to breed to fight other dogs, gladiators, and even tigers. Later, they were bred for protection. They have a short coat, fawn or apricot, brown mottled in color. They live an average of 9-12 years. These dogs are very gentle, but with young children may behave recklessly. They are salivating.

4.Tibetan Mastiff. The dogs height is about 25-28 inches, they weigh from 140 to 170 pounds. They have a very thick coat, so they looks more big than in reality. The coat is extremely thick around the neck. Their coat are blue - gray, brown or black with different colored spots. In the past, these dogs were bred as guardians to guard flocks of sheep and houses. These dogs live an average of 15 years. They are great family dogs, but they need an experienced master. Sometimes they can be aggressive with strangers. They are barking very loudly and may scare anyone.

5.Leonberger. This popular and versatile German breed, used to protect the animals, participate in search and rescue. Also, this breed is popular because of the fact that these dogs are great family friends. Their height is 27-31 inches and they weigh about 100-170 pounds. This is a big, muscular dog. They have a thick coat, that are in gold, pink, yellow, red, brown, cream or beige, and they always have a black mask. They need daily walks and they are very fond of swimming in the water. They are not very good guards, they are not aggressive, they are friendly and reliable. These dogs live average of 8-9 years.

6.Tosa. This is a Japanese breed that was bred for fighting before fight were banned. Their height is about 24 inches and they weigh up to 200 pounds. This is a very muscular dogs. They have a short thick fur, which is yellowish-brown, black, yellow, black and tan, tabby or red. Often, these dogs have a black mask. Socialize and train the dog from a young age. These dogs may have problems with other animals at home. Despite the fact that this dog was for fights, he is a sensitive and a good dog. They need exercise and daily walks outside. They live an average of 10-12 years.

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