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People want a vacation but do not want to leave your dog to other people, so they try to take the dogs traveling with them. So that people can vacation quiet, they take care of the problems, associated with the dog, before the trip. Also, in order for the dog to feel good during the trip, one has to consult all the rules and take the necessary measures a dog's comfort.
First I will talk about the rules that are necessary for traveling with a dog, and then I give a list of dogs with which to travel is comfortable and dog breeds that travel well.

Rules to abide in the travel with the dog:
1.Always take your dog's water bowl and bottle with water as the dog breathes pushes his tongue and so he loses a lot of fluids, so it is necessary to time to give him water.
2.Take a lot of plastic bags of dog excrement. Its may be necessary and if the dog will start to vomit.
3.Learn about the vehicle with which you are traveling, rules. Many of them require animal transport crates. You have a transport box dog brought before the trip. Of course, there is no need if you are traveling in the own machine.
4.Taking care of a dog's comfort before the trip. Tell the hotel staff that you arrive with a dog, then you will find it necessary to include the dog.
5.You also need to take care of a dog microchip implantation, the dog's vaccinations. Each country has different rules for the animals entering, you have to know them.

Dogs who travel well should be adaptable, social, and obedient.
A dog that adapts well in a new location will not bring you a lot of trouble, and in the travel will feel good. These dogs calmly responds to changes in the environment and are adaptable to a variety of life and the weather. Breeds that adapt well to novel conditions are the English Bulldog and the Maltese.
English Bulldog is one of the most calm dogs. These dogs are great travel companions. They keenly felt the long travels in the car, and leave the room, they lie still and not feel bad.

The Maltese is another breed that has a stable character and in the travel time will not cause problems. They love to be with family, so will travel with you anywhere. They are also small, so traveling with them is convenient.

Traveling dog faced with a lot of strangers and other dogs, so he has to be sociable.

The Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels and both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, fit this description well. They are friendly, cheerful and playful, and meetings in public places with other dogs and strangers will be kind and not be a problem.

Beagle is another friendly sociable dog. When you traveling with this dog, you can be sure that meeting with other dogs and people in the city will be nice.

And finally, that it would be a great trip, your dog must be obedient. You do not know what you can accept the journey and what you will face, so you have to be sure that the dog will listen to your commands, and you all will be safe.

The various breeds of collie, Whether the Rough or Smooth Collies, Shetland Sheepdog the, or the Border Collie is obedient by nature. They were bred to respond to human commands. Also they are intelligent dogs and react quickly to changes.

Still are many dog breeds that love to travel and can to travel. It all depends on your preparation for the trip with the dog and how you trained and socialized your dog. All well-educated dogs can travel if you make the right conditions for the journey.
Have a nice trip with your dog!

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