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Not all dogs can live in a country where the climate is hot. Dogs are difficult to endure the heat for these reasons - thick fur, facial structure, lifestyle, breathing. For dog who lives in the heat, it is necessary to pay special attention. Overheated dogs may be very ill or even die, so be careful.

If you live to where are often hot and you decide to buy a dog, you have to pay attention to these three important characteristics of a dog:
1.The size of dog. For dogs that are very large, are hard to work actively and to move when the weather is hot, so these dogs could not live a well-balanced life, and these dogs are prone to obesity. (For example-Newfoundland, Bernese Mountains Dog, Saint Bernard, etc.)
2.Dog that has a thick coat and undercoat very quickly overheats. (for example - Alaskan Malamute, Huskies, Chow Chow). Dogs that do not have fur, very quickly get burned. (For example - Mexican hairless and Chinese crested).
3.Dogs that have short noses and pushed-in faces, very hard endure hot air. (For example - Boxers, English bulldogs, pugs).

Given the dog's coat, facial structure and the size are very a lot of dog that can live in hot climates. Here are some dog breeds which not have lot of problems when they live in hot weather.
3.Parson Russell terrier
5.Australian cattle dog
6.Border collie
8.Miniature pinscher
12.Doberman pinscher
13.Cairn terrier
14.Italian greyhound and many other.

Never forget these things: even five minutes when you left dog in a closed car can overheat dog. Do not forget that the shadow moves, and even if you left the dog in the shade after a while the dog may end up before the sun. Dog must always have fresh cold water. Start the active games and walks only in the evening when the weather is cooler.

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