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Dog shedding is very relevant to dog owners, as the hair at home is very annoying. So I would like to mention a few of most popular dog breed that sheds very little.

1.Yorkshire Terrier. This breed of dog is a decorative, Yorkshire Terrier originated in England in 1800. They are among the smallest dog in the world. These dogs are among those who have a minimal loss of hair, as it does not undercoat and generally their fur is like a human hair, so they can grow even in people with allergies. Coat appearance Yorkshire is very important because it is decorative dogs. This dog is not very easily and quickly trained, but repeating the same commands and in accordance with the discipline to bring order to the house. Cute, friendly and playful dog - Yorkshire terrier.

2.Basenji. These dogs also called Congo Terrier. Medium-sized, very playful prankster. Probably so they got call it. Basenji's coat is very short, that's why they do not molt almost at all. These dogs are characterized by excellent sense of smell, sight, good jumping. The coat does not require much care, but a lot of the time difference suns got upbringing, because he is very vibrant. Basenji loves children and other animals, but the alienation of breeds of dogs of the same-are feeling the competition. These dogs for people living an active life, as the absence of physical exertion Basenji dogs can lead to health problems.

3.American Water Spaniel. Hunting dog. Excellent working wetlands, rivers, thicket.This dog is derived from the Irish Spaniel and Curly Retriever . In Exhibitions appeared in 1940, this means that the breed is very young. The most important feature is that these dogs are completely do not molt, although this breed is a popular skin problem. Hardy and easy trained dog, on average, lives about twelve to fifteen time. Americans Water Spaniel is a very playful and his tail most of the time moving, it shows his playfulness. Also recommended for people who already have a home of domestic animals, in order to both activities.

4.Poodle. This dog is probably the most popular of the dogs are least sheds. Poodles are hunting or exhibiting dogs. Most of the times they all probably have to see the exhibition. These dogs are very simple and all the care they require, but for some reason people want them to do "toy." Different hairstyles, hair waving and straightening, and everything else. Poodle is a very playful and watchful dog with an excellent nose and ears. To participate in the shows people have for these dogs a lot of time and money. Poodles recommended for families with young children, because these dogs a sense of responsibility and keep the baby.

5.Puli. Dogs originated in Asia, it is believed that ancestors Puli is a Tibetan Terrier. Puli is very popular in Hungary, New Zealand and the Scandinavian countries. These dogs are not very good-looking as their coat is very thick but growing very quickly, but what is strange is that do not sheds. Is usually visible, and sandals on his eyes than either leg. The home side take a long time to supervision, to ensure that doggy because it can grow dramatically.

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