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Here are some of the most popular dog breeds that do not require significant physical exertion. Therefore, these dogs are best suited for people with little time or just do not like a lot of active sports or move.

English Bulldog. This dog is very popular. Bulldogs are very affectionate, very muscular, and loving children but their popularity is the very characteristic that they do not require significant physical exertion. Therefore, this dog will be a great companion for those who do not have very much time or are just living slow life. Bulldog health problems are the most popular bone dysplasia and respiratory disorders because of their short muzzle. Also these dogs don�t like to bark. Bulldogs can sacrifice his life for any family member, so its watchful dog.

Chihuahua. These dogs very long time ago came from Mexico. There, they were popular for fondness and precisely because of the fact that they are not at all physical activity, likes to sleep, eat, and just to be nice. Chihuahua is a small ornamental dogs, most often grown as a house mascot. They weigh only till 3kg, loves barking and are shy. Despite several of these negative things, they are very fond of cultivating special girl or elderly. Chihuahua has now spread throughout the world.

Akita. These dogs originated in Japan. Still a long time ago they were for hunting, but over time things changed, and now the dog is associated with luxury, magnificence, and family comfort. Dogs are common and popular in the world, because it's strong appearance Dogs that do not require a large pile. With them not every day running, throwing play or otherwise attempt that he get weary. Akita remains as happy and tired and sleeping all day.

Mastiff. It is believed that the Mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Beginning of the Mastiff was from Brazil, known as Fila Brasileiro, Mastiff is now all over the world. They are popular because of their size, as they are very big and strong. One of the largest dog breeds in the world. Mastiffs do not need high physical exercise, on the contrary-if these dogs will get a lot of activity can lead to very serious health problems. Dysplasia, various muscle inflammation and more. Therefore, this dog house is a great guard and a good family friend.

French Bulldog. These dog is an English bulldog and terrier mix. It was intended to make a miniature version of a bulldog version. Strong and proud dog, which is a miniature. French Bulldog is a dog that is perfectly agree with others in life and does not require physical exertion. It can be like a home or a talisman of honor. Excellent companion, which is curious. French bulldogs are the most popular health problems such as eye inflammation and respiratory disorders.

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