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When choosing a dog, that protect your children, you have everything very well thought out. A lot of watchdog are angry and aggressive, so they are not suitable for the protection of children. You need looking into a dog breed temperament, agility, psyche. There are those dogs who are perfectly able to protect your child. Here are several of the dog.

Newfoundland might be the perfect guardian for your child. He is very friendly with children and he has a great instinct to protect children. This is probably due to the fact that in ancient times he was bred as a rescue dog. Patient, playful and very loving children - this dog is a nanny. Where to go for your kid go out there and this dog. While they are great, but try not to injure the child.

Another dog breed that is perfectly able to protect your children is an Akita Inu. Previously, Japanese women would leave the dog to protect their children and Akita Inu well do it. If you teach your child don't tease the dog, your child will not only have great friends, but also very reliable guardian. These dogs with your child can spend a lot of time. At home they are quiet, so no risk to your child.

Also, if you choose these dogs, you will not misstep: German Shepherds, Collies, Boxers and a lot of dog breeds. But there are some rules that are necessary in order for the dog to protect your child and do not risk it. First You need to teach your child do not annoy the dog, however, does not beat dog, and you have to help the child understand that a dog is a living thing, and he feels pain. You have to train the dog from an early age, to socialize and to acquaint him with more children. Initially, you have to watch how a dog treats children and behaves how a child with a dog. You need to help them to become friends, allow the child to feed the dog, to discipline the dog when he behaves rudely.
Appropriate education of all dogs can be turned into an amazing children's friends, many dogs can be turned into an amazing children's guardians, but if you choose Newfoundland, Akita Inu, or you will have to put less work, choosing a variety of other dogs will need to put more work, but everything is possible.

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