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Quite a few dog breeds are originated from America. Namely to talk about America's most popular dog breeds:

1.American Staffordshire Terrier came to America in 1870, where it was used for dog fights. Since it was lithe as a Terrier, and brave as a bulldog. 1936 This dog breed was registered and approved by the Americans trainer club. Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a very muscular, graceful and lithe. Although they are very powerful and strong but is very affectionate and friendly. These dogs are not guard but can be great family members.

2.American Cocker Spaniel is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world and they come from the United States. Still a very long time been used for hunting. Cocker Spaniels are either hunting or exhibiting. Much less is used in hunting. This breed is good with children and other animals, and even with cats. A great friend of the family who require considerable time care and attention.

3.Alaskan Malamute is also from United States. These dogs has at least changed from their ancestors and most retain their properties but the forms in comparison with other breeds. People are often not recognizing the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky, because they are similar. Malamutes are very strong dogs have a broad chest and a large head, but not suitable guard. Even until now , used to pull the sleigh. Alaskan Malamute considered family dogs, because they are extremely friendly and affectionate.

4.American Bulldogs are a young breed, as came from England, have been changed and became American Bulldog. Became a great helpers in animal husbandry, but also help the store house hunting. American Bulldogs are without fear, and for your boss or family member may die trying to defend it. Very affectionate yet playful with children. Bulldogs barks little, preferring a quiet attack.

5.American PitBull Terrier. Nineteenth century America trying to find a very strong breed of dog was bred bulldogs with terriers. They have become a very strong and have been used for hog trapping, hunting, as well as fighting dogs. Pit Bull Terrier does not completely protect but is friendly and affectionate with the family. Dogs they are very interested in the environment but do not feel confident and fears.

6.Boston Terrier originates from the United States. These dogs are very smart, intelligent and playful. Their short coat may be, with dark stripes or black with white spots. These dogs are very energetic, but received and playful, loving and affectionate. Boston Terriers are very smart, therefore trained to quickly and easily compared to other dogs and is very sensitive to owner voice tonality. Excellent with children and other animals, even cats. They do not like long walks, but wants to be everywhere along with the owners and follows it until possible.

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