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Dogs originated from wolves relatives. There are many dog breeds that are similar to real wolves, but there is one breed of dog that looks like a fox. The body, the face, the color - everything reminds fox. This is Shiba Inu dog. Let's talk about this dog.

History. Shiba Inu lived in Japan for centuries. The estimated age of the breed is about 3,000 years old. This dog was intended to hunt birds and other small beasts in the mountains. Today Shiba Inu is one of the most popular dog in Japan. Currently, these dogs are relatively sparse in Europe, and in Japan they are especially prevalent. In Japan the word “shiba “ means a small puppy.

Character. They are independent character of dogs, but the positive emotions they can be bribed. He is crafty as a fox, so it is not easy to train, but to live it is very interesting. This dog is friendly, loves children. He is faithful for his master. This dog can be a very good keeper. This dog can live in the city, it is adapted to the cold climate, as well as endure the hot, sunny climate. They rarely bark, but they like a strange scream. Dogs are clean and neat as a cat: licking the fur, wash their paws. They haven't specific smell. Another characteristic of these dogs is endurance. They very rarely sick and not finicky eaters. They do not need a big care. They are naturally calm, they do not like to jump on people, play, chew and pull objects. When the other dogs playing, Shiba usually stand away and watching them. However, they can become the best human friend.

Appearance. A small, muscular body, sturdy dog. Moving quickly and gracefully. Black nose, strong teeth. Their eyes are deep set, almond-shaped, and thick envelopes. Their small almond-shaped eyes radiate solitude and quiet, but clear and strong, passionate spirit. Their ears are erect and small, triangular shape. The neck is thick. The back is straight and firm. Loins wide and muscular. The tail is thick. According to the tail position provides the dog's condition. Front legs straight. Black nails. Coat is fluffy, thick and straight. The coat is reddish, black and tan, black. These dogs have white spots on the face, cheeks, neck, chest, tail base and on the inner side of the limbs. Coat requires daily grooming and cleaning brush Dog height is about 35-41 centimeter, weight about 17-25 pounds. Life expectancy of 12-13 years.

For inexperienced breeders this dog is really challenge. If you decide to buy this dog, you must understand that you need a lot of patience, but once settled in the dog, it will become your faithful friend.

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