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Czeslovakian Wolfdog
Czechoslovakian wolf is a relatively new breed, resulting in 1995. The experiment was a German shepherd were crossed with wolves in the Carpathian region. It is expected bred dogs, which are inherited from the wolf endurance, strength and athleticism, and the German Shepherd - Great character and intelligence. True, the experiment did not fully succeed on certain characters Czechoslovak vilkušuniu properties. In 1982. Czechoslovakia breed was officially recognized.
Czech wolf is very similar to the real wolves. Their body is very athletic and muscular, but also graceful. Czech wolf is significant - 60-75 centimeters tall and 20-35 kilogram in weight. Coat color also reminds the wolf - they are either yellow-gray, or silvery gray, with a light mask. Coat long, straight, very thick.
They are agile and energetic. It seems that their activity is inexhaustible. These dogs are valiant, fearless and bold, but if not, it is considered a serious fault. They are very affectionate and believes that his family is his gang. Perfectly agree with the other animals, but unfamiliar small animals can be "hunted". Czeslovakian Wolfdog is not angry, on the contrary - playful.

Saarloos Wolfdog.
Saarlooso wolf-spotted in 1920. Netherlands. Dutch breeder Leendert Saarloos the idea was to improve the German Shepherd breed as dressage intensity means of the injection into the wolf's blood. Susceptibility of as dressage failed to improve in this way, but Saarloos produced a new breed of dog, which is 1975. received official recognition.
Saarlooso Wolfdog looks very much like real wolves. They are strong, athletic, muscular and slim body owners. Saarlooso Wolfdog 60-75 centimeters in height and weight - 36-41 kilograms. These dog's coat is harsh, short, possible coat colors are two - the gray wolf or a brown wolf.
These dogs are lively and energetic, but they do not deplete his energy for games and antics. They always retain their dignity and grandeur. In his royal character, they reveal the fact that obeys only when they want to own. However, your landlord that the dog is devoted. With strangers he acts cautious and suspicious, like a real wild beast may hide or run away from them.

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