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When we talk about the life span, can never guarantee how long a dog will live. However, there are dog breeds that are on average live longer than any other breed of dog. These dogs, about which I will talk, on average live for 15-20 years, and sometimes even more.

1.Dachshund. These dogs bred in Germany many hundreds years ago. They followed and hunted badgers, foxes and hares. Dachshunds can be in three types: long-haired, short-haired and rough-haired, and they can be in three different sizes: standard, rabbit and toy. Dachshunds has long, sturdy body, muscular, with short legs. Various color options are available. Their average weight is about 12 pounds. They are very intelligent, and may want to dominate against the host. They are lively, loving and brave. They like to bark and it makes a very loudly, regardless of their size. They are loyal to their master, and very fond of travel together. They agree reasonably well with other animals, but can be jealous and tend to bite. They can live in an apartment, but they are enough active at home. They need to limit the food, because they are prone to obesity. Dachshunds are prone to spinal problems. Susceptible to heart disease, epilepsy. Nevertheless, they are the longest living dogs.

2.Toy Poodle. Toy Poodles were bred from the standard Poodle. These types of poodles are occurring for about 500 years. They were highly prized in circuses because of their rapid learning and the ability to perform various tricks. These dogs have a pointed snout, and a long neck. They are curly and often with elaborate hairstyles. Their height is about 28-38 centimeter. They are very energetic. They can be good guard dog because they are prone to barking, but they are never aggressive. They are very sensitive to voice commands, making them very easy to train. They need to be strenuous exercise, they love to walk and play. They tend to have problems with the eyes. Sometimes they suffer epilepsy, and diabetes. Often they have problems with bones. However, if your dog will not have any problems, he will live a very long time.

3.Lhasa Apso. These dogs are come from ancient Tibet. Tibetans dogs bred not for appearance, but for the good-natured, so these dogs are excellent character. Lhasa Apso is small, 25-28 inches tall and 12-13 pounds in weight. They have long, reaching the ground coat. Their dark brown eyes are almost invisible because they are covered by a coat. This is a very energetic and fun doggies. Although they are very small, but are very brave. They are fearless. Although they love to play, but they do not require activity. They had enough daily walks outside. They can live in an apartment. These dogs are difficult trained, because they are stubborn. They are mood dogs, so not recommended to grow them together with children. They may have an eye and skin problems, but these dogs live a very long time.

4.Chihuahua. It is believed that this is the oldest American breed. Today, these dogs are much smaller than previous dogs of this breed. These puppies are very playful and cheerful, but can be frustrated angry and irritable. Although they are small, they gamely protect themselves and others. They love to bark. They are wary with strangers. They do not require much maintenance, but want a lot of attention and love. Most care should be given to this puppy teeth. They can suffer from epilepsy. Also can accumulate water puppies in brain and doggies die. However, if your puppy is healthy, he will live a very long time.

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