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American PitBull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier. These dogs are good for long-distance running partners for you. They are very hardy so they will not tire quickly. In addition they like great physical exertion, so long run they will be just what they need. It is important that this dog would well socialized, otherwise can attack other dogs when you are running.
Greyhound. It seems that these dogs were born to run. Just keep in mind that these dogs do not like to run long distances. If you are a sprint runner, this dog will become your perfect running partner. After the run they will long lie and rest. The only downside, the one that when you flee, they may want to catch a variety of small animals.
Border Collies. These medium-sized dogs are very fond of running. They are intelligent, and when you run with them, you will not have any troubles and you will feel good. They have a lot of energy, so as not to tire quickly. They are very agile.
Australian Shepherd. This dog is a great running partner. They are shepherds, so you will need to teach him a little bit to run correctly, because they want to run in circles. They have a long coat, so it would be better to run with them when the weather is chilly.

Coonhounds. It is a rare breed known in South American states. They are excellent hunters and they hunt raccoons. They are very energetic and can be excellent running partner for you. They are also good guard dog.
Boxer. These dogs are very fond of running. However, they were bred for hunting, so they may want to chase small animals, but these dogs are friendly, so you should not have any major problems. You must remember that they have a short muzzle, so you have to look after them in hot summer.
German Shepherds. First consider what these dogs can not do? They are great police dogs, great guardians, good family friends and also they are excellent running partners. They are hardy, so you can run them over long distances. With these dogs to run better when it is cool because they have a thick coat. They also often suffer from joint problems, so you must assign them to the proper exercise.
Siberian Huskies. These dogs were designed to pull the sled, so they are strong. They require daily running outside, so they are very willing to run with you. These dogs want to please their owners, so you will quickly teach him to run correctly. They can run very long distances. They have a thick coat, so with these dogs to run better when it is cool.
Jack Russell Terriers. Although these dogs are very small, they can be a great running partner for you. They have a muscular body, so they are strong enough. They are very energetic, so they want to run. Jack Russell Terriers are working dogs, so activities they are necessary.

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