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Not all dogs likes water, there are dogs who fear him. They do not like take a bath and they do not like swim in the lake, sea or river. But there are those dogs that loves the water. In warm spring or in hot summer day these dogs almost don't go from the water - swimming, playing in water, and even diving. For many dog owners love to play in water with a dog. So, here is a list of dogs who enjoy the water.

1.Schipperke. They are small dogs, who are always ready to go. They are highly intelligent and quickly learn the various commands. They are independent and stubborn. They were used to protect the boat from the small pests. These dogs are very fond of swimming and in the water feels great.

2.Labrador Retriever. These are one of the most popular or even the most popular breed of dog these days. These dogs are very friendly, good-natured and cute dogs. They were used to hunt waterfowls, so water is their love of nature. They can spend hours swimming and playing in water. Their thick coats are somewhat water-repellant.

3.Irish Water Spaniel. This is one of the largest and rarest spaniel. They must have access to the water. This is a very cute dogs that are perfectly agree with the whole family, but is shy with strangers. They very like to swim. Irish Water Spaniels have webbed feet to aid their swimming habits.

4.Newfoundland. In the old times these big dogs used to ships dogs. They are very intelligent, friendly and noble. They are great agree with children and they maintained them. They not only drink a lot of water, but also loves to get wet, so often they looks messy. For him is very important water.

5.Irish Setter. This is a hunting dog, which loves wet areas. Therefore, if he lives near of water he will feel very happy. He is always full of energy and independent dog. He very likes of physical activity and he enjoy water.

6.Golden Retriever. This is intelligent, good-natured dogs who are very fond of swimming. In the past they used to hunt a variety of animals, including waterfowl. Golden Retriever perfectly agree with everyone. In water, he likes not only to swims, but also to play, dive. This is a great children's friend.

7.Portuguese Water Dog. The average size and rare breed of dog. Previously, he was used to that he would drive the fish into the net and brings items from ship to ship or ship to land. This is a very intelligent dogs who love the water. They need a big physical exercises.

8.English Setter. This is a very elegant, quiet, attentive and friendly dogs. Hunting, they become very energetic. They are very good hunters, they perfectly hunting waterfowl. They love the water and they can spend a lot of time in water.

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