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While many dogs have fur, it is not sufficient for all the dogs to live outside, especially in winter. In the summer and spring dogs love to be outside, but in autumn and winter cold can be very dangerous. Dogs who live outdoors in cold, must have warm kennel, more than normal food and water, which to quickly freeze, just do not forget it. Here is a list of dogs that can live outdoors.

1.Curly coated retriever. This dog has a very thick coat, so it definitely will not freeze in the winter. In addition, he is an excellent and devoted guardian, so if he lives outside and guards the territory he will be happy.

2.Rottweiler. This powerful and robust dog that can live and indoor and outdoor. He was bred as a herding dog, and if he lives outside he will get enough freedom and exercise.

3.Samoyed. This beautiful white dog, like a snow, has a thick coat, so he can lives outdoors and do not freeze even during the cold. However, if this dog lives outside, he should sufficiently communicate with people, because for these dogs are required communication.

4.Siberian husky. In ancient times, these dogs lived in extreme weather conditions, so they are adapted to the extreme cold and they love the snow. They have a thick coat, and even in the coldest winter they do not freeze.

5.Norwegian elkhound. This dog previously served Vikings, so he is very bold dog, who was following the wild beasts. This dog is persevering and frost resistant, so he can live in outdoor.

6.Mastiff. This giant dog has an innate instinct to protect, so living outside he will feel great as he will conserve the territory. Just remember that this dog must have a lot of contact with people.

7.Old English sheepdog. This dog has a thick white or gray coat, so it will not freeze in the winter. He can live anywhere - outside, in an apartment or house.

8.Alaskan malamute. In ancient times, these dogs lived extreme weather conditions and pulled sled. This dog is very fond of cold weather, so he likes to live outside. His thick coat will prevent he from freezing.

9.German shepherd. One of the most popular dogs, which have a natural protective instinct, so if he is living outside he will not be boring and he will guards in territory. He has a double coat, so he will not freeze.

10.Other dog breeds that can live outside: Chow Chow, Belgian sheepdog, American Foxhound, Bearded collie, Australian cattle dog, Australian shepherd, Keeshond, Irish wolfhound, Great Pyrenees, Bernese mountain dog, Greater Swiss mountain dog.

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