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There are dogs whose bites do not cause any risk to humans, other dogs bites can be deadly. When choosing a dog you should pay attention not only to its but also his parents' temperament, psyche. Need to choose a reliable breeder. Next we must socialize the dog and properly train. However, there are those dogs whose bite is very dangerous, and they love to bite for a variety of reasons: to defend yourself or others, protecting the territory of the unstable mental and the like. There are dogs that bite the most.

1.PitBull. These dogs, which bites are the most dangerous. Often a person who has been attacked by this dog is seriously injured. Sometimes it ends in death, more among children. These dogs are included in the Dangerous Dog Breeds list. But do not forget that only from the people who are raising this dog, depends or this dog will be aggressive. Mostly people, who is raising this dog can confirm that the dog is friendly and does not show any aggression or desire to bite.

2.Rottweiler. Number two on this list for two reasons. First, they are protecting their territory and they can attack if somebody comes in their territory. The second reason is at old age sometimes they get sick amnesia and can attack even its owner. In newspaper and on TV are often shown these dogs aggression against the people. But do not forget that if properly brought up a Rottweiler will not only be a great keeper, but also a great friend of the family.

3.Doberman Pinschers. The dogs on this list is due to the fact that they are excellent guard dogs. When they defend territory or possessions they boldly attack people. Incorrect educated Dobermans often become aggressive. Myth is that Dobermans unpredictable.

About dog bites ... Dogs pose the greatest risk for young children. The researchers examined the children's bites injuries incurred from 1992 to 2011. 77.6 percent of children were bitten dogs. Nearly three-quarters of all dog bites have children under 5 years suffer more boys (55 percent). Familiar to most dogs will bite the cheek or the other part of the face, strange dogs - in the thigh. 14.6 per cent. Dog bites wounds were infected.

This does not mean that these dogs are dangerous and can pose a serious threat to you or your family. You need to pay more attention to the dog socialization, to introduce it to as many people, animals and life in the city. You can not isolate the dog or ignore, as this may become one of the assaults reasons.

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