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There are those dogs who have wrinkles. These dogs look very cute and funny. But keep in mind that these dogs need more care than usual. Wrinkles often accumulate dirt, which can infect the infection, so the wrinkles need to be cleaned and washed. If you are a keen, there are some dog breeds that are wrinkled.

Pugs. This is one of the oldest dog breeds. It is a very friendly dog. They are extremely intelligent and mischievous. They need a lot of your attention , otherwise they may become jealous. Pug does not need much care, because their coat is short. However, the need to regularly clean their facial wrinkles and bathed well drained. Their wrinkles often give them a concerned look and it is very nice.

Shar Pei. In ancient times, these dogs participated in the battle of dogs were bred as guards used for hunting. These days it's companions dogs. They are friendly with their owners, but wary with strangers. These dogs are intelligent and likes to dominate, so you have to be strict and fair him to training. These dogs do not like water and make every effort to avoid it. Wrinkles are the most visible on the face and neck. In wrinkles a build-up of dirt, so you making wrinkles require frequent cleaning. They are characterized by skin diseases, due to their wrinkles.

Neapolitan Mastiff. This is a huge dog with wrinkles on the neck. This dog can weigh up to 70 kilograms. These dogs tend to salivate. This is a great family dog, and he is willing to defend which he loves. Excellent with children, but likes to dominate over other dogs. It is very sturdy and strong dog. Him needs considerable physical exertion. Neapolitan Mastiff can not stand the heat. A properly trained he can be an excellent guardian.

Bloodhound. He is a big tracker dog. He has a very good flair, so it is used in police work. This dog has wrinkles around the eyes, lips and neck. Small dogs are more wrinkled than adults. This is a friendly and gentle dog. However, they can be stubborn during training and requires a lot of patience with them.

Dogue De Bordeaux. This is very big dog. He has wrinkles on face and neck. He has excellent character and he is calm. They are very good guard dog. He can be very aggressive with other dogs. They tend to slobber and snore. They are great with children. This dog needs an experienced and responsible host, because if you train this dog bad, he can be dangerous.

French Bulldog. This is a small companion dog. When they are young, they have a lot of wrinkles. Adults has wrinkles only the facial area. This is a friendly, playful and lovable dog. He is perfectly agree with everyone. These dogs do not require much maintenance. They need daily walks. They like to run and play.

English Mastiff. This is a giant dog. They have large wrinkles in the facial area. Despite its size, this dog is very gentle. He is a dog, which trains easyly, but needs to train early . He likes to be with people and well agree with them. Him needs a significant physical exertion, while at home he can be lazy.

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