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Each year, the American Kennel Club presents the most popular dog list. Here it is:

1.Labrador Retriever. It is extremely friendly, gentle, obedient family dog. These dogs are the most popular twenty-one years in a row. Probably so that these dogs do not show any aggression, they are very lovely and good. They are available in three color options - black, chocolate or yellow. They are easy to train. Those who raise these dogs say that these dogs become an instant part of family.

2.German Shepherd. It's one of the smartest dogs. Some people appreciate of these dogs the excellent ability to work in police or other services, the other people appreciate of these dogs a great character and intelligence, other people appreciate of these dogs excellent protection. This dog is also a great friend of the family - a loyal, obedient, for his master's can do anything. These dogs are also very popular in the movies.

3.Beagle. Some people may be surprised that this dog ended up in third place, but this breed is becoming more popular each year. This dog loves all, it lively and curious dogs. They are small, but strong. They agree very well with small children and other animals, they are not aggressive. These dogs need human company. They are excellent hunters.

4.Golden Retriever. This breed regularly find themselves at the top of the list. It is a very friendly, playful and energetic dogs. They are very intelligent and charming dogs. They are friendly with all - children, adults and other animals. Golden Retrievers are great family dogs who enjoy the company of people.

5.Yorkshire Terrier. These little puppies are in the list for decades. Without doubt, the Yorkshire Terrier is the most eye-catching of all the toy breeds of dogs. They are energetic, cheerful, and despite their small size they are very brave. It can be termed small dog with a large dog's courage and determination. They have retained a terrier temperament.

6.English Bulldog. These dogs are many universities and organizations mascot. Ten years ago they was in nineteenth place, now they are in sixth place. These dogs have short legs, pushed the mouth and they tend to salivate a lot. This is a family dog, especially loving children. They are very friendly and peaceful.

7.Boxer. These dogs takes the middle of the list for a long time. These dogs adore their master, and children, they are patient and great protection dogs. The nature of a dog to protect you, so having a this dog, you can be rest assured. Also, they are very playful and cheerful dogs.

8.Poodle. Each year these dogs are the list of the top ten. Perhaps it is because of these dogs intelligence, and maybe for their great looks. Poodles are available in four sizes - large (royal), small (miniature), pygmy and toy. Poodles great agree with children. It's very easy to train these dogs. They are very playful and restless.

9.Dachshund. These dogs are always the most popular dog in the ranking list. Dachshunds are playful, and it lively dogs. They are excellent hunters. Dachshunds come in three types: short-haired, Wire-haired and long-haired, which comes in three different sizes: standard, Rabbit and Toy. Dachshunds are very loyal to their master.

10.Rottweiler. These dogs topped the list in tenth place. Although these dogs seem ominously, but properly educated Rottweiler are good, obedient and a very good guard dog. They are not very friendly to strangers, but can be a great family friends.

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