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Every day, these dogs will not meet on the street. Dogs have long been bred to meet the needs of the people. One dog breeds became very popular, other much less, but there are also breeds in the world which are extremely rare.

This is the rarest dog breeds in the world list.

1.Chinook. This breed was formed in 1900. Breeders wanted to create a breed which be used for sled hauling, which to exhibit strength, stamina and speed. Chinook so rare that three times the Guinness Book of Records the threshold to become the world's rarest dogs. Currently, there are 500 this breed dogs. Height of these dogs are 53-69 centimeters, weight 25-32 kilograms.

2.Stabyhoun. The Stabyhoun is a gundog that is first described in the early 1800s. This is a very rare dog in the world. There are only approximately 3507 Stabyhouns in Existence today. This breed is the Dutch national treasure. These dogs need daily exercise. They are friendly, gentle, patient dogs.

3.Otterhounds. This is a British breed, whose origins are unknown. What is known is that in ancient times this dog hunted otters. These dogs are very rare, there are only about 1,000 worldwide. Height of these dogs are 61-69 centimeters, wight 29-50 kilograms, depending on the sex.

4.Catalburun. Turkish breed. In the surrounding world, almost unknown. Renowned for unparalleled hunting ability. These dogs are working in mountainous in areas of Turkey, particularly valued partridge hunting. Colour hazel. Height 50 centimeters, weight 20-25 kilograms.

5.Norwegian Puffin Dog. These dogs in the world are about 1,000 . These dogs are from Norway. The breed was used for hunting Mormon. It is interesting that these dogs have six fingers on feet, so it would be easier to walk on the cliffs. This is a very energetic, good at jumping dogs. Cautious with strangers, but can never be aggressive. Height 32-38 centimeters, weight 5,9- 6,4 kilograms.

6.Glen Of Imaal Terrier. These dogs are bred for hunting small animals. Glen Of Imaal Terrier in the world are very little, less than 1,000. It is feared that over the next 10 years, the variety may be lost. It's stubborn, independent, intelligent and impulsive dog.

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