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Dogs have been used for the protection of ancient times. Nowadays, dogs are also not only people's friends, but also protective. Generally these dogs follow a well-learned commands, knows when to attack and when not. They are not aggressive, they are intelligent and janitorial.

1.Bullmastiff. In ancient times this dog protected the forests from invaders. This dog is very strong, even though he is not high, but very muscular. This is a very watchful dog, but he is not aggressive, tolerant of children. Perfectly agree with other animals if they grow together from an early age. If you need not only the security safeguard, but also a great friend of for the family - this dog just for you.

2.Doberman. The dog enters the top ten smartest dogs, and he is the fifth. Also Doberman is the perfect watchdog. Is usually sufficient that Doberman demonstrate their teeth, and the intruder backtracking. This dog is fearless, alert and very loyal to his master. Also this dog is incredibly fast, so quickly captured an intruder. Dobermans are necessary obedience training and socialization, otherwise they may be dangerous. Properly trained Doberman is gentle with people they know.

3.Rottweiler. It is fearless, a great guard dog. Improperly trained, this dog is often aggressive. He has a very strong bite, if he attacked humans have a very serious, even deadly danger. Rottweiler can be stubborn, so it is necessary to teach a strictly, but correctly. Rottweiler aggression is associated with poor breeding, upbringing, lack of socialization, natural alertness or violence against a dog. Rottweilers barks very little. through a dangerous situation, a Rottweiler can attack regardless of the host itself to decide how to proceed. So, this dog guards your desired object from intruders, but they must be properly to train professionals, to avoid becoming threatening its master.

4.German shepherd are intelligent, very watchful, often police working dogs. German Shepherds are easily trained, knows a lot of teams and obediently carries them. These dogs are alert, suspicious of strangers, but they are not hostile. These dogs behave quietly, but suddenly react if their host or home at risk. Intruders first warning growl, and then starts barking. If necessary, they fearless are attacking. It is necessary to properly train and socialize, then the dog got along great with people and other animals. It's not only a great keeper, but also a friend.

5.Giant Schnauzer - an excellent guard dog, able not only to respond quickly, but also to assess the circumstances. This is a very large, powerful dog. This dog requires strict obedience, a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Most of them have a strong instinct to protect a host from strangers. He pays well to defend themselves and to protect others, so if you need a watchdog, which at the same time is very playful and a great family dog, this is a great choice.

6.Canis Panther - this dog is a very strong, muscular, with a strong jaw. This is a great guard dog, he perfectly defence territory. He can do anything for defending his master and property. It is patient and loving dog, but he needs early socialization, especially with kids. This dog requires significant physical exertion, a large space, but due to the short coat suitable for living flat. These dogs are suitable for serious protection work.

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