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Child and dog friendship is a beautiful thing. Dog Teach your kids simple humanity, because the child growing dog learns to feel compassion, responsibility and sympathy. But before acquiring a dog to remember that not all dogs are suitable to grow along with the children. Of course, all dogs can be trained to behave gently with children, always exceptions, but the practice and the research shows that there are certain dog breeds that are not recommended to grow with their children.

1.Chow Chow - in particular, this dog does not like to play, and when he irritated he becomes fearless. With this dog must behave calmly and strictly, however, but the kids rarely behave peacefully, and that these dogs annoying. They also do not like any noise, especially that produced by the children. This dog has long hair and that young kids might pull it could lead to unwanted dog's reaction. Only early socialization with children and strict obedience to solve this problem, but in any case it is one of the most dangerous dog breeds for children.

2.Rottweiler - these dogs are unpredictable, one moment he can play nicely with the child, the next moment has to attack the child. Therefore, it is considered to be very dangerous for a dog to live with children. These dogs need a very strict master and early socialization. Although Rottweiler and loves children, but their unpredictable behavior often turns into an attack on the children's of which found hundreds of articles.

3.Pitbull - these dogs are aggressive, so it is dangerous for children. When this dog attacks it usually bites to the throat. He also does not have a lot of patience with children. This dog loves to dominate. The dog's assault can often be deadly, even for an adult, so for children this is a significant hazard. When you purchase a dog from a reputable breeder you will decrease the risk of the dog aggression because any aggression showing for people, these dogs are not bred.

4.Chihuahua - this dog breed is in the list so that it is not dangerous for children, but because kids are dangerous for these dogs. These dogs are very small, so small children may want to lift or compress them, thereby injuring the dog. In addition, these dogs can be nervous or even aggressive. Also, this breed have territory problem, they protect their territory and can attack when someone is trying to take.

5.Dalmatians - these dogs are very energetic and active dogs, so they need to be kept away from small children, that the children would not be injured. Also, about 30% of these dogs are deaf, so they can be nervous. It is important that they communicate with the children, while still young, it is also important that children learn how to properly play with dogs.

6.Doberman - these dogs were bred to begin to site protection, so it is very watchful and defend its territory, it is this fact may pose a risk to children. Wrong manner Dobermans often become aggressive and even dangerous, and not wanting to cause a hazard not only for children but for adults, you have to ensure proper obedience training and socialization, then you avoid aggression.

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