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1.Bolognese dog breed is originally from Italy. These little puppies are more closer to those home decorations than the dog. They do not need large spaces, making it ideal for growing in flats. Bolognese is tired quite quickly and is not playful. However, short walks are helpful. These dogs are quite intelligent, and quick to train, but are not suitable protection because it is very small and weak. Bolognese sheds lightly even though they have a long coat. It is advisable to grow housewives who cannot devote much time to your pet, but rather wants to have beautiful animals at home.

2.Japanese Spaniel is not from Japan towards the Chinese, as strange as it may sound. It is believed that it was the Chinese imperial gift to Japan, as these puppies have become popular in Japan, and later around the world. They can be described as low and lazy. Very quickly tired and averse to play. If the dog is distressed and will strenuous physical exercise may lead to health problems, respiratory diseases and more. Disadvantages are that quite sheds and are difficult to train the first four months of life, so in the beginning may have to endure considerable hassle.

3.Greyhound - a racing dog in a lazy dog list? Yes, no matter how it may seem strange but it is true. Greyhound is from ancient Greece, where it was used for hunting, as it is very fast. However, the dog does not have a lot of stamina and get tired very quickly. These runners are medium sized, looks really skinny but it looks like for a short coat. Greyhound are very friendly, it is only suitable protection, because i do not react strangers. These dogs do not sheds almost at all, because that's very short hair and have no Undercoat, so is well suited for peoples with allergies.

4.Bulldogs are small but strong and muscular dog but become quite lazy making the life of the apartment is very suitable for them. Short walks are very useful, because bulldogs can quickly become obese. These dogs are very affectionate and loyal, but requires considerable maintenance, they require frequent facial wrinkle treatment. Home bulldog health problems include back problems, because they weigh a lot, but it is small. Do not climb the stairs, because it only increases the likelihood of spinal diseases. Bulldogs are pretty hard to train, but very affectionate with children. These dogs are great family friends.

5.Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. Very small and weak puppies. More suitable for home decoration or carry together with you than guard or obedience, as it is hard to train, and most hosts simply give up. These dogs need light physical activity, since obesity can not be allowed because the low breed of dog that is dangerous to their health.

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