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1. American Bulldog is banned in many countries. This dog is originated from the southern edge, where it was used as an agricultural assistant, as there is a very strong, athletic, fast. American Bulldog has been used to catch wild animals. But now they are banned because they can become aggressive and very dangerous.

2. Neapolitan Mastiff is originally from Italy. Ancient times, these dogs were used in the Roman Legion wars or gladiator combats. Now these dogs are excellent guardian of the home, because they have excellent hearing, reaction and is very athletic. In some country Mastiff's are legal, but they are required to have documents proving their psychical tests.

3. Other dog breeds are forbidden Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (a mix of German Shepherd and Carpathian wolf). People can’t grow them at home, because they can be unpredictable, so a lot of disasters happen. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog's for their rapacity instinct could kill children. That's why they're prohibited.

4. Boerboel breed of dogs is the birthplace of South Africa. Boerboel dogs are similar to other Mastiffs-very fast, strong and powerful. Long ago they were called "farm dog", because they can help on the farm. Somewhat later noticed that these dogs are great home guards and get along well with children. These dogs are banned in Denmark, because of a mental disorders.

5. Japanese Tosa Inu dogs are also among the banned. Tosa Inu is a local Japanese and European-dogs crossbreed. Like most Molossoid dog Tosa characterized by territoriality, autonomy. These dogs are loyal to their host, attach to his family and protect. Tosa-inu can be a companion, guide dog for blind, Shepherd Guardian. Individual dog's properties are highly dependent on education. Usually with another dog can live together only if they grew up together.

6. In England trying to breed fighting dogs started pairing bulldogs with terriers. The result - dogs, characterized by strength, courage and kindness relatives. Immigrants took these mongrels in the U.S.
American Pit Bull Terrier medium size, strong, bright, defined muscles. Coat short, shiny. The ears are cropped or untrimmed. Grown as companions and sporting dogs. Completely inappropriate for protection. confident, interested about the environment. They are aggressive with dogs or other animals. Do not feel the aggression of people, they are gentle with children. They are illegal to own in many countries throughout the world.

7. Brazilian Mastiffs is very attached to his owner and can be a great guard dog for buildings. His raucous barking is heard very far away and very characteristic of the breed.
Brazilian Mastiff is fearless dogs, very protective of their territory and fiercely attacked the strange dogs. This particular variety is characterized by fast reaction to a threat: if the dog will feel that his owner is at stake, it is possible fast attack the enemy. Therefore, the dog must be introduced to strangers, to reduce distrust them, but inherent "security guard" instinct persists. Brazilian Mastiffs need a lot of space in the home or garden, and its deficiency can lead to aggression.

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