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Do you think that the cat and dog are eternal irreconcilable enemies? You'd be wrong. Books, cartoons and sayings such as "needless alienation like a dog with a cat" portrayed in these two pet lethal fight. However, sometimes the dog and the cat can be best friends, and there are even dog breeds which love cats.

First of all, let's talk about one of the most popular dog breeds - Golden Retriever. This dog is naturally gentle, kind and has a "soft mouth" as they began to breed for gentle, gaming-based, hunting, rather than animal scratching. This dog is famous for around the world as a good family dog any hint of even the slightest aggression. While a young golden retriever can be very active and boisterous, and want to chase the cat, it has no desire to harm or injure it. If the cat does not wish to run away from the dog, he stifle a dog's desire to chase and they will start to play as well as the cat wants. Very often golden retriever and cat become great friends, who not only play together, but also share the same bearing, or even food.

Next let's talk about the Great Pyrenees. This dog breed is rare and not very popular, but these dogs are well agree with cats. Despite the fact that these dogs are very large and can weigh up to 50 pounds, they are calm and patient with cats and other small animals. This is a faithful dog who defends and protects his entire family, including the cat. However, this dog may scare away other cats, which do not hold your family and considers them an enemy.

Bichon Frise is gentle and playful dogs. They are bred as companion dogs. This dog is small, comparable in size to the average cat, so Bichon Frise and the cat may become equal, great friends, especially when they grow up together. There are a few rules for introducing these two animals: first need to give them enough space to explore one another, and the second rule is that the need to keep the dog, if the cat is frightened and aggressive, because these little dogs are very sensitive to cat scratches.

Boxer is big, but friendly with cats. Boxer nature is to protect his family, including the cat. Because Boxer are gentle with children, he is gentle with cats. Of course, appropriate to introduce boxer and a cat when they both are still small, then the friendship will be guaranteed.

Mixed dog grew up on the street or animal shelter is already made friends with many cats, and adopted into a new house, which is a cat, and will be with her friendship, or even affectionate. It is important that the cat maintain a friendly relationship with the dog.

Of course, other varieties of dogs can be turned into friends with cats, maybe not all, but a considerable part of them, especially when they are still small and thus begin to grow in the new home. It is important to observe that the dog do not injure cat. also keep in mind that the cat must have her own private space, in which the dog can not reach it and the need to prevent the dog from a snitch cat food.

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