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1. Cordoba fighting dog. These dogs are derived from Cordoba. Nowadays they are extinct. Bull Terrier genes due to the color of the dog of Cordoba and combat trends. They also had a Mastiff and the old English Bulldog blood. Nowadays these dogs blood have the Argentine Great Danes. Dogs of Cordoba were white colour, but sometimes they had the dark stains on the body or head. Reminded of the Pit Bulls, but was taller and more aggressive.

Cordoba dogs were big, strong and mobile, approximately 63 centimetres in height. They had broad shoulders, cropped ears, broad chest. It was the perfect combination of speed, size and aggression. These dogs were especially aggressive and were fighting male dogs and female dogs with each other. They were unresponsive to pain and fighting even to the death. As well as these dogs were good hunters. The biggest problem with them, most likely led to the disappearance of variety and mental and genetic instability, unpredictable character. In addition, a lot of good dogs killed in battles or due to injury. Breeding problems aroused such health problems as deafness, skin problems, unstable temperament.

2. Moscow Watchdog. This is Newfoundland, the East European Shepherd and Caucasian Shepherd result of crossing these dogs breeds. It was expected to breed excellent dogs breed for people rescue, however as dogs-rescuers these dogs proved unequal for this. It was suggested that instead of people rescuing they were tusked them, so was started to use these dogs for guard. These dogs were brave and very strong.

Their appearance was reminded of Newfoundlands, but they were not so big and had a gross coat. Males dogs were not less than 65 cm in height at the crest, female dogs at least 63 cm. They were black with a red tinge colour, on the breasts and limbs were allowed white spots. It was noticed that these dogs have great attraction to swimming and diving. They could stay under water for 3 to 5 minutes, and the water never fall into the ears. They were not very sweet rather aggressive and angry so they had to go for guard.

There are quite a few already extinct or nearly extinct dog breeds. One they disappear due to congenital defects, the character instabilities, aggressiveness, disease or any other number of reasons. It is believing that some varieties of dogs, which has existed at this time, the passage of time can also disappear, such as the Royal Corgies.

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