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Many dog breeds are from Africa, are not known. Here are 9 dog breeds that originated from Africa.

1.Africanis. He is originally from South Africa. It is a medium-sized dog with a thin coat that can be any color. This dog is agile, flexible and is able to move very quickly. He is friendly but watchful dog. Africanis is an independent dog, but he is fast becoming a part of the family. This dog does not require special care, he has an excellent health and natural resistance of advanced internal and external parasites.

2.Aidi. This dog comes from Morocco. This dog used to protect sheep and goat herds. Also Aidi dog has an excellent sense of smell and he is a great help in hunting. It's lean, muscular dog, which weighs about 55 pounds and is 20-25 inches tall. This dog has an unusual african dogs coat. His coat is very thick, coarse, resistant to weather. The coat can be white, black, tan and pale red. This dog needed dressage lessons. He is very energetic and has a great instinct to protect. This dog is very alert and always ready for action.

3.Azawakh. This dog is from Mali. The dog weighs about 33-55 pounds and are 24-29 inches tall. His coat is very short, and on the belly of his almost virtually no. The dog's bones are clearly visible through his skin. This dog through escaping injuries very rarely, and injuries heal very quickly. These dogs have a good health. These dogs required daily exercise, jogging outdoors. These dogs are not aggressive, but do not like to interact with strangers. They are gentle and extremely affectionate with his family. They are very hardy, but they does not like the cold weather and rain.

4.Basenji. It is the most known dog breed that is from Africa. This small and elegant dogs. They weigh about 24 pounds and their height is about 16 inches. It's athletic and and powerful dogs, regardless of size. Possible coat colors are red, black, tricolor. The dog's coat is smooth and short. This is a very energetic and inquisitive dog. These dogs are very clean and likes to bathe, like cats. They love their owners and are affectionate, but do not communicate with strangers. These dogs do not bark, but makes strange sounds. Basenji not agree with the other animals.

5.Boerboel. This dog comes from South Africa. This is a very large dog bred for protection. They have a short, smooth, soft fur, which can be different shades of brown and red. Many of this breed of dog has a black mask on the muzzle. They have a good health and they live an average of about 10 years. These dogs need proper socialization and training. These dogs are intelligent and energetic, they love children and are very watchful.

6.Chinese Crested Dog. These dogs originated in Africa and were originally called the African Hairless Terrier. They are bare or hairy. Their skin is soft, similar to a human skin. On the head, paws and tail, these dogs have a tuft of hair. Their color can be various. Their weight is about 11 pounds, height 9-13 inches. They are very lovely, energetic and playful. These dogs are never irritable.

7.Coton de Tulear. This small dog comes from Madagascar. He has a very soft coat. This dog can be in three colors: white, black and white and tricolor. Dogs weight is about 11-15 pounds, and the height of 9-13 inches. This is a very healthy dog, but he can sometimes suffer from heart, liver diseases and have problems with back and eyes. These dogs require high maintenance because of their fur. These dogs love to play with other dogs, they love children. These dogs love to generate noise. It is smart and willing to please dogs.

8.Rhodesian Ridgeback. This dog is originated from South Africa. The exclusive feature of this dog is his coat, which in the back line growing in the opposite direction to everyone else. Their height is about 24-27 inches and weighing 75-80 pounds, depending on gender. These dogs can have hip dysplasia, and thyroid. On average, they live about 10 years. It is loyal and intelligent dogs, a little careful with strangers. This dog have great temperament, they are non-aggressive. They need a positive, motivated training.

9.Sloughi. This dog originated from North Africa. It is a medium-sized, strong dog. He can be light beige, red beige and shades of color. These dogs have a strong genetic health. This dog is alert and intelligent. They are very energetic and they are very willing to move, so they need a high level of physical activity. They are easy to teaching, however, is sensitive to punishment. This dog very loves his master.

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