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Afghan Hound. This dog breed is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. The Bible says that since it is in these dog breeds started all dog breeds. Afghan Hound's birthplace is considered to southwest Asia. Local residents with these of sons to hunt gazelles, hares and other small animals. Long and dense coat these dogs well guarded because in Afghanistan day time is very hot and the nights very cold. Dogs resided outside and easily adapts to the wild. Afghans in any way do not want to sell this breed, so pair of first dog's was brought to Britain in 1800 as war booty. These Afghan Hound, which compete in dog shows, their homeland Afghanistan you will never meet. In Afghanistan, these dogs were bred to hunt and help to feed the herds. Hunted at the leadership or bossed man, but self. Such hunting was necessary not only flexible body and nimble feet. Self hunts the dog had to be slick, fast response, able to make independent decisions. This breed generally tend to stay away from strangers, but very affection and devotion to their masters. Despite their indifference to strangers fun may become the biggest clowns. Most of the great loves children and loves to participate in family life - both at home and outdoors. The sensitive nature of particular importance due to interact with these dogs, the most important period of their development, which is usually between seven and sixteen months. Afghan Hound is necessary to communicate a lot, because they can become especially close themselves, and this can have tragic consequences for their health.

Kuchi. This breed originates from Afghanistan. Name of the variety is so because the so-called people whose way of life is to migrate-Kuchi people. They traveled and breeding these dogs. Kuchi dogs were needed strong and affectionate to watch out for the traveler property, and at the same fast and smart to hunt food for them own. Sometimes, the mother would clip the tail of a young pup at birth, mistaking it for the umbilical cord. As well, a young puppy might lose its tail and/or ears at a young age while playing with other puppies. Later in life, these dogs would have an advantage over others in that they would be safe from more serious injury in adult confrontations It's endlessly big and athletic, energetic dog who helps both agricultural work and on guard. The breed in appearance looks like a mixed dog. Kuchi's dog is calm, as the case may become very angry and threatening. Easy to train because there are really intelligent. A playful but affectionate with owners and family members, but the opposite is the case with strangers.

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