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There are a number of dog breeds originated in Spain. Many of these varieties are little known and unpopular, rare. I will talk about some of the breeds of Spain.

Spanish greyhound. This tribal Galgo dogs. They were crossed with Galgo tribal dogs and other traders dogs. Approved by the Spanish in 1982 to develop standards. They have a strong and flexible body, large chest and abdomen included. Coat can be different colors, but the most widespread and varied fawn color, black, cinnamon, chestnut-colored, yellow, white. The coat is dense, short. In Spain, these dogs are used for fox, hare, rabbits and even wild boar hunting. Strange but these dogs are calm and lazy at home can sleep all day, but turning their hunting lively and energy. Spanish greyhound are hardy in hunt. They are gentle with children and all animals. Has no aggression and nervousness.

Pyrenean Mastiff. Spain, France and neighboring countries have evolved shepherds dog breeders and guard dogs, and also appeared in the Pyrenean Mastiff. Now these dogs are among the most popular in Spain and southern France. This is a very large dog, with a strong and muscular body. The higher the Pyrenean Mastiff, the better, no limit. Their coat is of medium length, slim and dense. Coat color is white with a clear mask. Sometimes the body are spots of the same color as the mask. Pyrenean Mastiff is friendly for people and very loyal to their masters. Pyrenean Mastiff has a special mind. They don't agree with other dogs , because it is likely to show its strength against others dogs.

Spanish Mastiff. Precise knowledge of the occurrence of this variety is not, but it is believed that they appeared when, about 2000 years ago, Phoenicians brought these dogs to Spain. Spanish Mastiff was used for grazing herds of cattle and guard the house. This breed for its massiveness is not popular, but there are people who grow this breed. It is a powerful-looking dogs. They are very muscular and strong. Height can reach up to 82 centimeter and a weight of 70 kilograms. The coat is medium length, dense and soft. Coat color can be various shades. Spanish Mastiff is a highly intelligent dogs. However, these dogs are very independent, so it can sometimes completely defy his master's orders. They are capable of the most timely and properly respond to situations. They are suitable only be early socialization. A properly socialized dog along great with people and be friendly. With other dogs, Spanish Mastiff mostly disagree.

Also come from Spain, this breed: Spanish Bulldog (Alano Espa˝ol), Andalusian Hound, Basque Shepherd Dog, Burgos Pointer, Gos Rater ValenciÓ, Great Pyrenees, Catalan Sheepdog, Spanish Water Dog and other.

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