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There are many dogs breeds that are derived from Russia. I would like to talk about few of nowadays most popular dog breeds of Russia.

Currently, the extremely popular dog breed is Samoyed. This breed is one of the oldest purebred dogs from Siberia. The evolution of the samoyed breeders did not intervene. These dogs are natural nuggets. The Samoyed temper is characterized as the childish naivete and the joy of life, typical of Northern nations. This is an independent dog. His character was formed in, and keep staying with people. In most cases, it could take under the supervision of reindeers. This is a great family dogs, relating to young children and other animals.

It is not surprising that the Siberian Husky is originated from Russia, and more specifically from Siberia. It was intended to pull the sledges, grazing and to carry out the functions of the watcher. Great adapted to the harsh Siberian conditions and durable worked. These cheerful dogs very much loves his masters. In the heart Siberian Husky is a small puppy dog, intelligent, loving, educated, energetic, easy. Well agree with the children and the friendly with strangers. Not really watcful, because almost do not bark.

The Russian Toy Terrier. Brave and charming, these words often are described by the Russian Toys. They are among the world's smallest dog. It is a small elegant pup with long legs. These puppies are active and very vibrant. They very love to travel with their masters all over the place, and due to its size is ideal for travels.

The Russian European Laika. These dogs have been designed to hunt large animals. Russian European Laika is restrained and intelligent. Its easy trained dog breed, you can teach even the apprehension of criminals. This dog breed rarely show aggression for people, but with wild beasts are fierce fighters. The Russian European Laika is not recomended to keep in the apartment, because this dog breed requires the movement of the area – it requires constant physical exercise.

The Russian Wolfhound. It is forest prairie hunting dog. He participated in dangerous sport, i.e. the wolf hunting. Dogs hunting expeditions was arranged and watched with pleasure by Russian aristocrats. The Russian Wolfhound are characterized as pharmacovigilance, mobility, strength and thrusting. Their temperament are calm, but upon seeing the beast go into overdrive. The Russian Wolfhound dog have a great character. He's smart and gentle. Very dedicated and always ready to defend for their master and other members of the family.

The Russian Spaniel. First time Russian Spaniel standard was confirmed in 1951, then the Soviet Union. Although this breed is not recognized by the FCI, it sufficiently well appreciated by hunters: due to its compact size, speed and gentle clench. The Russian Spaniels manages to bring a hunted bird from even very complex sites. As with all of the Spaniels variety, these dogs are very friendly, loyal, perfectly agree with other pets and have a distinctive character.

Also from Russia are originated Laika, West Siberian Laika, Moscow Watchdog, Black Russian Terrier and other breeds.

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