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Nowadays there are many breeds that are very popular and known in this country. There are breeds about that I was telling many in other themes - The Yorkshire Terriers, The Beagles, The Bulldogs, The Bullmastiffs, The Pit Bulls, The French Bulldogs, The Staffordshire Bull Terriers and plenty other breeds. Today I would like to tell you about other breeds about that are speaking slightly less.

The Jack Russell Terrier – it is a quiet young breed, this breed bred before 200 years in the Great Britain. The Jack Russell Terrier have all most funniest dogs features and look very originally – low height, short bandy legs, protruding eyebrows and incredibly naughty sly eyes. These Terriers have own idiosyncratic charm. When pastor Jack Russell bred this breed he truly was seeking it for pragmatic purposes. He wanted to create an ideal hunter of foxes and other small animals so he spare much time for such features as passion for hunting, courage and ability easily steal by to animal cave. A perky, funny, loving dog. Vital. Like games and to play with toys. Friendly and nice with children who do not tease of him. Must to remember that The Jack Russell Terrier is a working dog so it must be properly training.

The English Setter. First time dogs with such name was mention in 1570 but officially this breed birthday normal to keep 1861 years. The English Setters are friendly, good temper, very attached to theirs masters. They lively, socialising, always communicate about guests coming and welcome them so like know all his life. Also they are very tolerant and love children. Usually agree with other dogs and animals. For this dogs breed need a quite high physical strain.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. First news about small hunting the British Spaniels find us from XIII-XIV century. Because hunting was noblemans trade a toy of a dogs were lived and educated in aristocratic environment. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have idiosyncratic feature – the Buddha kiss in the top of the head. According to a legend this 18 mm diamond-shaped white area with pink spot was originated on duchess Sarah she dog’s puppies heads. The duchess with worry was waiting news from husband, who was fighting in battle. To her knees she was holding pregnant Spaniel she dog and constantly palmed her top of the head. As a result puppies born with duchess fingerprint. Other states that Cavalier’s puppies kissed the East God – blessed Buddha. Nowadays this breed are quite popular family dogs. They are affectionate, undemanding and easy training. Perfectly agree with children and the elderly. Generally, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels agree with whatever – even with cats and other animals. They great match to travels for their size and simplicity.

The Whippet. Long time was thinking that the Whippet breed was bred in XIX century in the Great Britain. However today scientists have some arguments that this breed originated more earlier. The Whippet – the Greyhoung breed dog or named English lesser Greyhounds. That is graceful, strong, brave and gentle dog. Also he has great hunting features and know how to agree with people. Perfect friend. Quickly adapts in home and sport environment. Characterized as gentle, nice, affectionate and restrained. This is dog perfect for silence and rest admirers, because he bark very rarely. The Whippet shows his voice just if necessary.

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