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Brazilian terrier ancestors originated not from Brazil but from Europe. In the last century, many young Brazilians was to study the various European countries, especially in France and England. After completing their studies, they often return to their homeland have with their wives, often with them and took a small terrier type puppies. They in Brazil mixed with local farm dogs, resulting in the current Brazilian terrier. The breed is small, the maximum weight of males is 10kg. Brazilian Terrier an elegant gait, small, graceful and quick steps. Very it lively and agile dogs. They really like to play and get tired of doing so for hours. Therefore, they love to interact with children, treat them with gentle and friendly. Playing Brazilian Terriers do not avoid to be loud - every movement accompanied by a loud barking. Brazilian Terrier hobby "talk" can become really annoying habits, so it is necessary to teach him to be calm and barking only when it really matters - to warn of impending danger. This breed is also characterized by vigilance and rake guard, so it can be a great home guards. While these dogs are friendly, but completely fearless, so determined to fight the intruder.

Brazilian Mastiff is one of two Brazilian dog breeds, bred from Spanish and Portuguese Mastiff and Bloodhound. Breed for tracking and large animal hunting. These dogs were highly valued for the fact that, unlike most other dogs tracked catch do not grab but barking and waiting for hunter . This unique Brazilian Mastiff has earned a solid reputation in the era of slavery - the slavery fled in distress, they totally brought back injury. Brazilian mastiff features caught the attention of North American and European breeders. However, in some countries, the Brazilian Mastiff for its size and potential aggressiveness is prohibited. Brazilian Mastiff is a large, very powerful-looking dog. Their height 61-76 inches and weighing 41-50 kg. The dogs body is very muscular and athletic. Brazilian Mastiff is an unusually brave, determined dog. However, they do not show any aggression and they are calm, confident, loves to communicate. They agree well not only with adults but also with children. Brazilian Mastiff is very attached to her family. However, strangers, this breed does not like to take them with suspicion, but not aggressive - unless it sees a real risk to the host, then you may not hesitate to bite. They do so because of a strong storage instinct - Brazilian Mastiff to the family watched as the gang, for which it is responsible, and which must be protected.

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