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There are many dog breeds native of Australia. I would like to tell about few of them.
The Australian Herding Dog. Very patient and persistent the Australian Herding Dog is an example of strength and mobility, with intensive and watchful look. They are compact and symmetrical, have a look very muscled and with a double fur. An undercoat is soft, short and dense; the top coat is harsh, straight, and resistant to bad weather conditions. They move freely and patiently, and a powerful rear legs can perform very fast movements. These dogs live for about 14 years. Australian Herding Dog is especially brave and able-bodied dogs, always ready to perform their allocated tasks. With kids and other household pets are allowed, they will behave exemplary, if will be a responsible interaction with them from an early age. They're pretty quiet, barks little and are extremely loyal to the hosts. They are full of dogs, providing much satisfaction hosts and those who want to be involved in the Affairs of the family. They usually like to be the only dog in the family.

The Australian Kelpie. Kelpie from the separation of the varieties on the remote continent is famous for the Bunny as a shepherd. From the 19th-20th century they are divided into two subspecies: the Kelpies and the Exhibition Working Kelpies. Any Australian Kelpie is true to its master and friendly with his family members. It is necessary to devote time on long walks in the gym to become permanent, this is a four-legged irritable bore. This dog breed is not a good house keeper. If necessary they bark, but excessive friendliness will not attack another person. On the other hand, grazing sheep on them gently bite the Kelpies likes, but since infancy can be trained not to do to people.

The Australian Terrier. The Australian Terriers in the 19th century in this country was created by the British. They have been bred from the Terriers who are from the North of England and Scotland. These dogs are friendly and playful, they very like being in people company. They are small, but very strong, and were bred to be able to jump and run. These small dogs have a strong character and a Terrier temperament. They need to be trained quite strictly, because they have a tend to think in their own way. They may be stubborn but really likes to be praised and patted. Australian Terriers are active, gaiety loving dogs.

The Australian Silky Terrier. It is a small and compact dogs. The ancestors of this breed are the Yorkshire Terriers and Australian Terriers. These dogs were bred as companions, but of course and the other their destination it is the killing of snakes. These dogs are impatient and very watchful. They required a lot of movement, but only in an enclosed area. They can live in an apartment only if they have a lot of attention and activity. Their coat requires a special care.

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