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Elderly people need a whole other dogs or young and energetic people. Variety should be chosen very carefully. The most seniors would like the dog to a small, quiet, obedient, and requires a high level of physical activity. This dog really can find! It will brighten the day of grandpa, let him ajustis lonely and promote a minimum move - every morning and evening walks.

Papillon. It is ideal for a variety of older humans. It's small, so it walks with hassle-free, perfect and faithful companion always close with home and keep your walks from behind. The apartment this puppy takes up very little space, so this is another plus. They love glaustytis together and watch TV, go for a walk and everything to do with his master, making it great for older people.

Pekingese. It is an ideal dog for older person who lives alone, because this breed is loyal to one person to elect its owner. His master, the dog is very gentle. Home is quiet, feels home decoration. He likes to be the center of attention, and elderly care, and human love will love him.

Pug. This is a great, small, ideal for apartment living puppy. At home and in the field he is calm, and the old man will be easy to live with him. He likes attention, so he will enjoy constant caring. Also, it perfectly agrees with other pets, children and all the people who are coming to stay, because these dogs do not cause any problems. Just keep in mind that they require more care than usual - they need to clean your face of wrinkles on the field and in the winter just to keep clothed, because they are susceptible to cold.

Mixed breed dog. Dog shelters are hundreds of small dogs that do not breed, but is suitable for the elderly. You can choose a small, quiet and friendly puppy who is very loyal and obedient to their landlord. Often, older people in particular mixed breed puppy grows, so that it does not cost anything, taking with such a puppy will do a good job, it is not enough to choose exactly what you want. Shelter staff knowing each dog's character will definitely help you choose a pet suitable for seniors. This is great!

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