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Almost all passionate hunters have companion - a hunting dog. These dogs have a good hunting instinct and are recognized as a hunting breed. If you need a hunting companions, you do not mistake if you choose one of these dog breeds.

Vizsla. This dog has its own unique characteristics for hunting - is fast, has a very good sense of smell, he perfectly hunts in water, and when he hunts he is extremely quiet. They are very energetic and loves to run. These dogs need a lot of physical exertion.

German Shorthaired Pointer. This dog will never get tired and he always turns near you. This dog has a highly visible hunter instinct. It is a versatile hunting dog. The innate instinct to hunt he may take home the rats, pigeons, and the like. In a true hunting dog must understand what booty is allowed and what is not.

Labrador Retriever. This is not only great family friends, but also great hunters. British people use them only for work when the animal has already been shot. Elsewhere in Europe they are used in many forms: search for injured animals, hunted birds lifting from the water. Labrador Retriever are very easy to learn new commands and are obedient, so hunters are very fond of them.

Golden Retriever. This are other very popular dogs. In hunting They are used "after shot" to bring killed birds. Due to their love of water, they are commonly used in duck hunting. These dogs are very easily trained and managed. Now, because of his calm and the fact that he loves of children golden commonly grown as family dogs.

Beagle. In the past these dogs hunted rabbits, foxes, some states even wild boar and deer. Mostly now they are used for hunting rabbits. When these dogs hunt, they feel very happy. They learn hardly, so you need to have a lot of patience. These dogs need a large exercise. If they smell of animal footprints, they can escape.

Weimaraner. These dogs were bred for hunting. While at home, they are calm, in hunt they become passionate and energetic. They are trackers. They stubbornly follow the wounded animal footprints until he it finds and brings a host. They are very affectionate dogs.

Black and Tan Coonhound. Is a medium-sized dog. This dog used to hunt raccoons. One of the biggest pluses is that he is very patient. On average obedient, medium able to work dog. This dog has a good sense of smell and can be a tracker.

Pointer. These dogs have excellent hunting instincts, endurance, good jump. These dogs are bird hunt professionals. They are very patient and easy hunting sober. They can run very long distances. They need a very high physical exertion. They ignore the strict commands, and must be handled gently.

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