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Practically all dog breeds can live in countries where the climate is cold, if they receive sufficient care. However, there are some dog breeds that can live in cold climates without problems. Typically these dogs are large and have a thick double coat, which protects from the cold. If you are going to buy a dog, which is a long time to be outside in cold weather, pay attention to these dog breeds.

1.Siberian husky. Previously, this beautiful dog lived in Alaska and pulled a sled, so he fears no frost. These dogs can survive even at -50 or -60 degrees Celsius. These dogs love cold weather and does not like the heat. They have a thick coat, but that does not require special care, just combing the seasonal moulting coat.

2.Samoyed. These dogs have a soft undercoat, which protects from the cold. Samoyeds can endure great cold, but he does not like heat. Their white coat must be combed often, but not advisable to bathe often. So if you live where the weather is cold, this dog just for you.

3.Akita. The National Japanese dog has a thick coat that protects from the cold. In the past this dog hunted and pulled the sled. This dog lived in snowy areas and therefore are accustomed to the cold. Akita should be combed and bathed only when necessary.

4.Alaskan malamute. In the past this dog pulled sled in the north. They come from Alaska, and are accustomed to the cold. They have a thick, harsh coat that never prevents them from freezing. Often, this dog confused with Husky, but Alaskan malamute has a rougher coat and he not has blue eyes.

5.Keeshond. These dogs have a thick coat that protects against extreme cold. This dog with pleasure swims in cold water or wallows in the snow because he is not afraid of frost. This is a great family dog, he needs to communicate with people.

6.Norwegian elkhound. This medium-sized dog has a coarse double coat that protects from the cold. Previously, these dogs served with Vikings, so they are very hardy and can endure great cold. He is a great guard dog, who prefers cold weather rather than heat.

7.Bouvier des Flandres. The dog's size, strength, and coat allows him to live in the cold air. Previously, these dogs pulled carts and dragged the animals. It's a gentle dog who great keeps his master. If you need not only a good guard, but also a dog that can live in cold weather, this dog is right for you.

8.Saint Bernard. Previously, this dog saved a lot of injured people in Swiss Alps, so they are accustomed to cold. In addition, they are very large and have thick fur, which is great protection from the cold. It is a very friendly and slow dogs. They are very hard to adapt to the hot climate, so cold they are very fond.

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