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1. One the dog is a sneezing owner is dream come true - Samoyed. This breed does shed, but you will find no doggie smell or dander, making these dogs the perfect option for people with allergies. They are known for being laid back, gentle and lovely, so they are fit to grow with children.

2. Another dog suitable for allergy people – Chinese Crested. The most efficient way to avoid dog-induced allergies is to get a dog without any, or with very little, fur. You can't go wrong with the Chinese crested; they barely shed at all. They do produce dander and can be a little clingy, but they're very good with children.

3. A next one are Basenji. These pups do not shed or bark, they have very little dander and they are lovely, so they are a good choice. Shade, but they like most hounds, they can be hard to train. They are often unnecessarily noisy. But at the same time they are very cute and friendly.

4. Italian Greyhound - the perfect dog for people with allergies, and people who do not have a large yard. This little Italian has a thin coat, so he barely sheds. These dogs are very playful and loyal. Actually, they are extremely sensitive to cold, though, so this is not a good breed for a family living in a chilly climate.

5. A next one are Poodle. The poodle comes in three sizes: toy, standard and miniature. They do not shed, but they do require a lot of surveillance and grooming. Also, they are easy to train.

6. Shih Tzu - despite those long fur , silky locks, this breed sheds very lightly. Although they need a lot of grooming, they are sweet, good and easygoing. But often they are jealous of small children, so the children have to be protected from this breed of dog.

7. A next one are Bedlington Terrier. Although at first glance, he looks more like a hogget than a dog, the Bedlington terrier could be the perfect canine addition to a laid-back family. Moreover, they do not shed coat and are very gentle and good-natured.

8. Yorkshire Terrier - people who do not have a large yard and own house, this dog is a perfect choice. They are great live and playing in small rooms. This pup does not shed and or have a lot of dander. However, they require high maintenance and cost.

9. A next one are Schnauzer. The schnauzers come in three sizes: giant, standard and miniature. This dog loves to be in the center of attention. The schnauzer loves host, so expect to have a buddy by your side at all times. He does need a firm hand, although, to balance his stubborn, energetic and protective temper.

10. Bichon Frise – they are miniature and fluffy, but the puffy coat do not shed. These little dogs are jolly, easy to train. As long as you brush their curly tresses, they won't shower dander and dust. This breed is great choice for a family wanting a small, joyful dog as an easygoing companion.

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