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This will help you decide or you have enough knowledge about dogs. After reading the question, tell yourself mentally and record your answer, and then read the following reply after question, and compare them.

How much time need the dog to be outside during the day?
It's very individual, each dog must be extreme physical exertion, other dogs, half an hour a day is enough. But the dog at least twice in the morning and evening, to be derived for a walk, great, if at least one time during the day it is released for a run, play with other dogs, jogging beside a bicycle or otherwise vent their accumulated energy. So, to summarize, at least 30 minutes of your time should be spent walking the dog, and quite a few varieties and require double or even triple the longer your time.

What is the right dog food?
The dog has to get well-balanced, high-quality food. In shops are rich of food for dogs, but only super premium food is high quality. Also the dog proper way to feed a raw, raw meat, organs and bones. No way the dog can not be fed by what people eat, because it is not adapted to the digestive system.

Does the dog need to understand that you're a gang leader?
Unequivocally yes. If the dog will understand that you are his leader, he will listen to and obey you. In this case, you will avoid unpleasant situations, such as a dog attack, command disobedience, getaway. Good master is that a dog who listens and obeys. Then the human and the dog becomes a harmonious relationship.

Does a dog can devastate your property?
Can and often does happen so. Growing puppies gnawing at the walls, shoes, papers, chairs and anything else they seem stricken. Often people are scared of this dog behavior and punishing the dog or worse, throws into the street. Small puppies left alone at home must be worn, they need to have toys and bones, which can chew. Another great option is a cage that protects the dog and your belongings.

Dog requires a lot of expenses?
Yes. Quality food, care, leash, collars, yearly vaccinations require released. And what about the incidental expenses for veterinarians, the dog is sick. The human decided to buy a dog must provide for it.

Does dog live long?
Everyone prior to purchasing the dog needs to understand that the dog live a long time, about 10 to 20 years, so this is not a one-day toy and pet, which will be accompanied by a person of his life for a very long way. Changes in residence, marital status can not be a reason to get rid of the dog, so everyone has to realize that the dog, if he did not sick and do not fall into disaster, live a long time.

If you correctly answer all the questions, you realize how much time and other costs may require a dog Acquisition. In addition to all the dog provide innumerable moments of joy, and it is said that the dog - human's best friend.

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