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RAW dog food diet

RAW diet for dogs is trying to bring back the old days, when the dogs were wild. The wolves living in the bands prey animals of large ungulates such as deer, view from the, small animals, even fish. These carnivores devouring the bones, organs, muscles, skin, hair, feathers, fats, connecting tissue. The diet consisted of 5-10 per cent of the bodies, 10-15% of the bone, 80% to 85% of muscle meat. The feeding of RAW animal it is recommended to give 80% of the meat (including some of the offal, such as the heart), 10% bone, and 10% organs (offal, with half of the liver). Occasionally you can give and the egg.

As soon as you can to feed the dogs, choosing a diet? Beef, rabbit, chicken, turkey, lamb, goat, duck, geese, fish, roe deer, deer, etc., the most important of the weight-bearing bone of the braces refuse that dog do not hurt his teeth. There is a lot of pork and controversial debate, in any case, it should not be abused, because it is a fatty cuts of meat. Suitable for the following offal: liver (any pet), kidney (any pet), stomachs, brain, lungs, spleen, pancreas, tongues and hearts can be assigned to muscle. The bones are the ones that are fleshy, in other words, bones in meat, not a prop, not biodegradable. Misplaced limbs, jaws.

The meat of wild animals should be checked, that should not parasites. Fish is best to choose a marine. If it has a sharp, Flipper, or teeth, it is best to remove them. By freezing the meat for at least 24 hours available should kill the parasites. The meat can be frozen, defrosted or give the whole has defrosted. Depends on the dog. Some of the dogs do not guttle of certain organs, if they are only frozen, thawed and swallow the other dogs, by contrast, does not like frozen meat. Give the meat in large pieces, so that dog chew it and worked his jaw. Some dogs devour the meat with the fur or feathers, it's a very universal, if your dog coat does not want cut off it.

Can a dog fed by hand, thus increasing the connection between dog and master, in addition to this, the dog learns to do not growl when a man is near to his food. Some of the people on a daily basis gives after a bit of organ meats, others in every few days. This is for every personal choice. Just remember that the organs, especially the liver and the brain loosen laxative, bones is curing laxative. How often to feed your dog, and the quantity of meat to give to him? In most cases, people dog meat fed once a day. Before and after meals, the dog should be in a quiet mode-do not go for a walk,do not run and do not play with it. The power of time also it is advisable to toggle on the acidity of the stomach. That is, if you give a food for dog once a day in the morning, the next day it can be fed in the evening. This diet is perfect for those who don't like the feeding frame, because the dog can feed a wide range of products, in which you have to do at the time, you find a store you can use any time of day, and not on time. Also, from time to time it is recommended to do the hunger day and give the dog anything except water. Wild prey as well as the usual do not surfeit from time to time. On the eve before the hunger dog is fed, and the next day do not get anything. Most people on the day of discharge in dogs gives time for a week or two weeks. How much dog meat to give depends on the dog.

The most important RAW nutrition is to track the dog and discover what your dog is the most appropriate. Reference rate of 2-3% of the dog's body weight. Increased or accelerated metabolism with a dog in need of more food. Very active dog is coming off a 3-2%, slower to evaluate the quantity of the difficult only at first, then simply set the šerikai proficient eye a piece of meat, and targeted according to the dog's physical form, that is, whether its normal, or not Touching the sides of the dog., it must be tactile ribs, and the contours of the road may be the last, and with the naked eye (if, of course, that the dog is not very hairy). Cannot display all of the dog's ribs,femurs and spine (too skinny dog), as well as the dog may not be too much of a gain weight.

RAW diet has lots of pluses. Once a dog to feed it, you soon will feel the difference. The dog is perfectly apsivalo teeth, in which case there is no longer the need to clean the teeth the rocks. The dog is drinking a lot less water. Dog evacuate much less often and in smaller amounts. The dog's coat and the moulting period bristles ima glassy-looking a lot less and less. Very easy to adjust the dog's weight-gain the necessary dogs kilograms and obese dogs are back to normal weight. Dogs who eat faeces, usually cease to do so. And of course, a dog with a great power and we are waiting for your ingest with pleasure.

Many people are still powered by a dry feed for dogs and do not deepen to the fact that it is rich in the dog unnecessary products, such as cereals. Dogs are descended from wolves, they are birds of prey, their digestive system is adapted to digest meat, rather than what is accumulated in the dry food. Of course, dry pet food advertising attracts many dog breeders, but the ones that are starting to take an interest in the RAW diet and feeding the meat to your dog, aware of what benefits brings such a diet. After all, we can only speculate on what kind of meat is grinding residue to dry feed. And here's a piece of meat given to know that really give a natural product.

Often people are afraid to start and that might hurt the dog, not knowing the exact RAW diet principles and must still have fears. However, there is nothing to be afraid of, you can already start tomorrow. Prior to this, it is advisable to make the hunger day and after that start from any one type of meat, such as chicken. Watch out for the dog, as he will ingest, how to feel, as a evacuate. After how much time the start to give the organs, then other types of meat. By observing the dog's well-being, you'll see when you try something new. Don't forget a possible detoxification. During the period of a month or more of all the former, the incidence of allergies can result in a specific smell, the dog may vomit, considered change in coat color, the result of dandruff, lead to apathy and so on, the more the dog had problems feeding dry, the stronger the symptoms of detoxification happens (or not completely). However, over time it all disappears, and the dog becomes active, vibrant and healthy.

The key is to keep track of your dog and to discover what is the best that is in him. The size of the portions, feeding time and frequency of hunger daily , the variety of meat and everything else is very universal, and only you, and while you will discover the most ideal version. When you are fed dog meat, organs and bones and many realize that giving the dog what it is most useful. A healthy and happy dog will be grateful and return thanks with love.

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